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Burial Authority

Please contact the Clerk for further details:

Mr Nathen Lowe 

Clerk, Kirkby Feetham with Fencotes Burial Authority

School View, Great Langton,


North Yorks, DL7 0TE

01609 748139

07464 154343

Photo of the Burial Ground at Great Fencote

Burial Ground

Burial Fees

Effective from 16th September 2021

Interment Service


Of the body of a person over 12 years  £230


Of the body of a child up to 12 years  £50


Of the body of a still born child  no fee


Of cremated remains in the designated area  £85

Of cremated remains in existing grave £55


Scattering of ashes in the wooded area no fee

(An application must be made to the Burial Authority

and must take place under supervision.)

Exclusive Right of Burial Service

In an earthen grave for 99 years  £260


In a cremated remains plot for 99 years  £70

Monuments and Headstones Service

To erect a headstone including inscription  £115

On a child's grave  £52

Each additional inscription  £65

Memorial plaques in the ground £105

(for cremated remains)

Brass Plaque for scattered ashes  £30

Persons residing outside the Parish of Kirkby Fleetham with Fencotes will be charged at DOUBLE the above fees.

All fees and charges are payable to the Burial Clerk on giving notice of interment. An Interment Form must also be completed

Please note:

There is no mains water on site.

The Burial Ground is on  unconsecrated land.

These fees are payable to the Burial Authority and are EXCLUSIVE of the cost of grave digging. Prices do not include VAT. We do not charge VAT on burials. Buying the Exclusive Right of Burial is an extra cost on top of the Interment Fee and does not cover the cost  of digging the grave.

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