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Local Weather Information, News and School Closures

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Refuse and Recycling Collections 2020 - 2021

Garden Waste Collection Service 2021 - 2022 

Warm and Well in North Yorkshire

There is a range of help on offer including home visits, energy advice, installation of efficiency measures and minor home repairs, as well as financial and debt advice to help people stay warm in the winter. All of the support offered through Warm & Well in North Yorkshire is completely free.

Warm and Well in North Yorkshire

To find out more please call 01609 767555, email

Write direct to your Councillor, MP, MEP

Government Information & Advice

Citizens Advice Bureau

277 High Street, Northallerton

01609 770354

Information Leaflet


Northallerton Volunteer Bureau

10 South Parade

01609 774633 / 780458

Photo of Richmond Yorks MP Rishi Sunak

Member of Parliament Richmond, Yorks

Rishi Sunak


Unit 1, Omega Business Village

Northallerton, North Yorks,



01609 765330

House of Commons Switchboard:

020 7219 5437

House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

North Yorkshire County Council

Local Councillor, Swale Division

Cllr Annabel Wilkinson

1 Ashtree Road

Bedale, DL8 1EX

01677 426744

Photo of NYCC Councillor Annabel Wilkinson

Hambleton District Council


Local Councillor, Morton on Swale

Cllr. Brian Phillips

Bridge Close, Warlaby

Northallerton, North Yorks,


01609 774016

Photo of Hambleton Councillor Brian Phillips

Scruton Parish Council

Kirkby Fleetham with Fencotes Parish Boundary Aerial Map
Kirkby Fleetham with Fencotes Parish Boundary OS Map