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Contact Parish Clerk 


Nathen Lowe

Kirkby Fleetham with Fencotes

School View, Great Langton,


North Yorks, DL7 0TE

01609 748139

07464 154343

Contact Us

Please complete the contact form below.

If your message is regarding Parish business, the Parish Clerk will reply to you.

If your message is about Coronavirus/Covid-19, someone will get back to you shortly.


Should you need community assistance, or are able to help, please complete the form below, including your phone number, address and requirements. Laura Wright is co-ordinating these forms and will be in touch with you shortly. Laura can be contacted directly on 07545 952845.

Thank you.

Suggestions could include shopping, dog walking, gardening, ordering or accessing information/services via the internet or just a general chit chat over the phone.


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