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Electric Vehicle Charger

Eco car charging


If you run into trouble at any time, day or night, you can call us on:

020 8515 8444

and we will be able to support you.

Please quote the unique charger ID when you call.

The ID number is on the charger sticker.

Charge 0.35p per kWh


Electric Vehicle Charger Update

Instructions on how to use the electric vehicle charger are now included on the charger outside the village hall. There have also been improvements to the car park area with new block paving and markings to show where parking spaces should be left available for vehicles to charge.

The dual installation with paying facility can charge two cars at any one time taking one to two hours (7kWh)

Please avoid parking in the areas marked with E

How to Use the Charger

Using a smart phone, load SWARCO eConnect Web pay in your browser:

  • Enter the charger number into the web pay app.

  • Select the charge point socket you are going to connect to.

  • Enter your payment details.

  • Plug your cable into your vehicle first.

  • Then plug into your selected socket.

  • Select start, charger lights turn from green to blue.


When you are ready to leave, enter the App, navigate to your open session, and click 'End Charging'. 

Unplug the vehicle

Electric car charging point
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