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Kirkby Fleetham



Kirkby Fleetham 

with Fencotes

Parish Council

The Parish includes the villages of Kirkby Fleetham, Great Fencote and Little Fencote.



On this site you will find information about the villages, council information, what's on , groups, societies and businesses.

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InfoNet KFF is fully supported by the Parish Council and is a new community information service, whereby subscribers will link in to an email messaging service to

promptly receive information about: specific issues, events or items of general interest; police generated notices relevant to the community; and also be able as an individual or member of a community group to ask for information to be circulated on your behalf. Emails will be on an as and when basis of relevant information.

InfoNet KFF will NOT  be used for commercial purposes, your contact details will be data protected and never shared in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Register by completing the box above. For safeguarding purposes, you will receive an email requesting you to click an email link in reply.

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Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Our communities rely more than ever on a close relationship between the public and the police. Neighbourhood Watch works hard to share messages to help keep us safe.

Chris Walker, our NHW Co-Ordinator has registered the Parish with the National scheme. To register to receive information about a variety of community alert  messages, click the link below and enter your postcode

Once registered, you will automatically receive community alert messages from Neighbourhood Watch. You can also revise and add to the range of messages receive, to include:

  • Fire &Rescue Services

  • Neighbourhood Watch

  • Office of the Police Crime Commissioner

  • SGN (Gas Emergency Service)

  • The Police

Neighbourhood Watch


InfoNet KFF

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Parish Council



Community Grant Applications 

Update July 2023

The Leonard Smelt and Thomas Tenant Charity

The Leonard Smelt and Thomas Tenant Charity is a small charity that was set up over 300 years ago to support people in need in the parish of Kirkby Fleetham with Fencotes. The Charity has a modest yearly income derived from the rental of two local fields. Trustees of the Charity distribute this income within the local parish according to the wishes set out in the original trust deed.

We realise that some people will be facing tough economic times due to rising inflation, higher food bills and increased energy costs, and we want to raise awareness of the Smelt and Tenant Charity.

If you are experiencing financial hardship over basic living expenses then the charity may be able to provide some modest financial assistance.

1.The potential recipient must be a permanent long-term resident within the parish of Kirkby Fleetham with Fencotes. Exceptions can be made for individuals who previously have been long term residents of the parish, but circumstances have necessitated that they leave the parish for health and social care reasons such as a move to a nursing home. Trustees usually view a 'long term resident' as someone who has lived in the parish for five years or more. However, the Trustees would be willing to review individual circumstances and may consider a shorter qualifying term at their discretion.

2.The potential recipient is experiencing financial hardship, has a genuine need, and would likely benefit from the relatively modest sums that the Charity distribute. The Smelt Charity Trustees do not demand that potential recipients provide evidence of their financial hardship. However, each case is discussed in confidence by the Trustees who will come to a joint decision on appropriate allocation of funds to potential recipients.

If you feel you qualify for some modest support, please contact the Trustee's Clerk at:

Heritage Project update & Information Day Saturday January 20

The Parish Council has secured funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to build a Lychgate to complete the entrance to our parish cemetery in Great Fencote. It is hoped that building will begin soon. The funding is on condition that the Parish Council can demonstrate community involvement and benefit.

This is a very exciting project and will enable the wider community to become involved in the local heritage and, with the involvement of the school, the creation of a commemorative wildflower meadow area – a peaceful, beautiful place to be enjoyed by all the community.

This project has many activities:

The Building of a Lychgate which will also house the Memorial Plaque for the 14 Fallen Soldiers from WW1 who are recognised by the 14 young Lime Trees planted along Todd Lane in Great Fencote.
The creation of a commemorative wildflower area at the Northern end of the Burial Ground. This is with the help of the Primary School who have started preparing seeds for plug planting, building nest boxes and other items to create an environmentally friendly, reflective garden space. Interpretation boards will be designed and erected.

An Oral History project called “ Village Voices” has started to capture oral testimonies from local residents of their memories of life and work in this area over the course of the Twentieth Century. These volunteers have undertaken training to capture and document audio recordings which will be archived with North Yorkshire County Record Office in Northallerton and will also be made available via the History Group. The History Group has independently researched many of the headstones in St Andrew’s and with their help it is hoped to develop an intergenerational school project. This will draw on the archival research, the oral histories and heritage focused activities, researching the stories of people and families that have lived and worked in the parish over the generations.

Funding has been provided for a Heritage Consultant to work alongside the School and volunteers to ensure that a very successful and informative project is developed for our community. An information day will be held on Saturday January 20 in the village hall where more details will be available and your questions can be answered. If you are interested in getting involved in any of the activities, please contact the Parish Council for further information.

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