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The Parish includes the villages of Kirkby Fleetham, Great Fencote and Little Fencote.



On this site you will find information about the villages, council information, what's on , groups, societies and businesses.

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InfoNet KFF is fully supported by the Parish Council and is a new community information service, whereby subscribers will link in to an email messaging service to

promptly receive information about: specific issues, events or items of general interest; police generated notices relevant to the community; and also be able as an individual or member of a community group to ask for information to be circulated on your behalf. Emails will be on an as and when basis of relevant information.

InfoNet KFF will NOT  be used for commercial purposes, your contact details will be data protected and never shared in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Register by completing the box above. For safeguarding purposes, you will receive an email requesting you to click an email link in reply.

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Our communities rely more than ever on a close relationship between the public and the police. Neighbourhood Watch works hard to share messages to help keep us safe.

Gary Jones, our NHW Co-Ordinator has registered the Parish with the National scheme. To register to receive information about a variety of community alert  messages, click the link below and enter your postcode


Once registered, you will automatically receive community alert messages from Neighbourhood Watch. You can also revise and add to the range of messages receive, to include:

  • Fire &Rescue Services

  • Neighbourhood Watch

  • Office of the Police Crime Commissioner

  • SGN (Gas Emergency Service)

  • The Police

Neighbourhood Watch


InfoNet KFF

are supported by the

Parish Council

Kirkby Fleetham



The Parish Council is continually co-ordinating a community response to Covid-19. There is information throughout the pages of the website about the support available through the Parish Council, village hall, local business and volunteers for our elderly and vulnerable people as well as anyone affected by the virus. Please use the Contact Us form to request support, volunteer or make suggestions.

There is further helpful information in relevant sections throughout the website, in particular:

Covid-19    Contact Us


The PC has long had a Community Emergency Plan which has been recently updated to cope with these difficult times. It is also held by the County Council and Emergency Services. Our mutual planning and activity will help our community to stay safe and look after each other in these challenging times.

It is intended that volunteers will assist vulnerable residents to take care and stay safe. If you are able to volunteer, or if you need support, please use the Contact Us form on the website.


North Yorkshire Police have become aware of individuals exploiting the good community networks being created following the current coronavirus situation.

They have had reports of suspicious persons cold calling the elderly and vulnerable and offering to get shopping for them asking them to hand over cash.

Should anyone get such a call

please do not engage and politely close the door.

Laura Wright is our co-ordinator for local volunteers who are able to assist those needing support.

She will be implementing safe guarding measures.

Information will be distributed via the monthly newsletter and more regularly by InfoNet KFF - it is important to sign up if you have not already done so - use the 'Subscribe to InfoNet KFF' box to the left of your screen. Regular updates will also be posted here.

Community Funding Opportunity

The recent approval of the solar farm at South Lowfield Farm provides a one off opportunity to access funding for community projects.

Hambleton District Council approved the solar installation application last year and planning for the solar farm off Lowfield Lane is now at an advanced stage.

The developers, Lightsource bp, will make a Community Benefit Payment to the Parish Council of £1,000 for each Megawatt of installed capacity for a project which benefits residents in our area. Payment is calculated according to the capacity generated by the solar installation which will link into the local distribution network.


The Kirkby Fleetham installation will have a 50 Megawatts output power capacity so the payment could be up to £50,000. The final amount will be decided once construction is complete and funding will be released once electricity has been generated.

Local residents, clubs and organisations are invited to apply for funding by putting forward project ideas. They should include indicative costs and be of direct benefit to the community. The deadline for submitting applications to the Parish Council is May 11, 2020. The Parish Council will then consider the proposals and agree which bids should go forward onto the shortlist, after which they can be developed further.

Send proposals either electronically or in writing to the Parish Clerk: Mrs C Mitton, Rose Cottage, Great Fencote, DL7 0RX or mittonfen14@gmail.com.


Written submissions can also be made by posting them in the Village Hall post box; addressed ‘For Attention of – Parish Clerk’.

Parents be Aware

Community police officers have informed the Parish Council that the current widespread use of Nitrous Oxide as a so called “legal high” recreational drug, has reached our area.

Evidence has been found of its use on several occasions close to Fleetham. Nitrous oxide is a gas, used for dental anaesthesia, sometimes called “laughing gas” and also used domestically as the propellant in whipped cream making machines. For this purpose it comes in 2 inch long heavy metal canisters, bright pink or other colours, in boxes of about six.

The gas can be obtained from these and inhaled. There are dangers to health from this practice especially for young people. It is illegal for anyone under 18 to buy the gas canisters. Please report any suspicious activity or Nitrous Oxide associated litter to our local police who are aware of this issue and are patrolling the area.

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